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The Uses and Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil


Last week I talked about Poetic Pits, an amazing organic deodorant from Living Libations that works with your body’s natural scent to eliminate odor and healthily co-create intoxicating scents. At the heart of each of the many unique Poetic Pits blends is the ingredient that makes all of that possible: sandalwood essential oil. It makes a wonderful organic deodorant, but it’s also a magnificently beneficial oil in so many ways.


What is Sandalwood Essential Oil?

Sandalwood essential oil comes from the heartwood of the Santalum tree, a heiparasitic evergreen that grows by joining the root system of other trees. Its use dates back over four thousand years, making it one of the oldest known materials used specifically for its exotic scent. It’s used in fragrances, cosmetics, meditative practices, and offers more skin-related benefits by itself than any other essential oil.


The Health Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

1) It’s a powerful fighter of bad bacteria and viruses. Traditionally, it is given as a treatment for the urinary tract and kidneys; aiding sore throat, chest infections, and bronchitis;

2) It’s anti-inflammatory.

3) It’s a natural calmative and relaxation agent. This makes it useful in slowing spasms, stopping cramps, and for treatment of insomnia and anxiety when taken internally. Also, try adding a few drops to your favorite massage oil to increase relaxation and soothe sore muscles.

4) It helps scar tissue heal and fade.

5) Taken internally, it’s a potent tonic that can soothe an upset stomach, help relieve gas, heartburn, or diarrhea, and help calm the entire digestive system.

6) It aids the circulatory system when taken internally, and has been shown to possibly help reduce high blood pressure.

7) It’s an immunological stimulant, and can help reduce swelling in lymph glands when applied topically to the affected area.

8) It’s similar to androsterone and helps stimulate and regulate the reproductive system. For this reason, it has also seen traditional uses as an aphrodisiac.

9) Diluted in water, it’s safe for use around the house (especially in the kitchen) to repel ants and other insects. This makes it an excellent alternative for otherwise poisonous sprays and traps.

10) It’s currently being studied for its possible anti-cancer effects. At least one study, which used a 5% topical solution an hour before sun exposure, has demonstrated a reduction in skin carcinogens from Sandalwood application.


The Skin Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil helps soften skin by increasing and restoring its ability to retain moisture. It can be applied directly to the skin, although if you’ve never used it before or are particularly sensitive to essential oils, you may choose to dilute it slightly in some jojoba oil. Either way, it offers a whole host of benefits. It is powerfully anti-aging; it can relieve localized rashes, inflammation, and itching; assist in fading scar tissue; offer toning and astringent properties; help heal eczema and psoriasis; soothe acne and shrink pimples; reduce dandruff; and makes a great aftershave.

In addition to applying it topically, try one of the following:

  • Steam Inhalation – Fill a large bowl or washbasin with steaming water, then cover your face and head with a towel and simply breathe. This can be helpful for respiratory issues and can assist with skin conditions that precipitate facially.
  • Dry Conditioning – Simply add a few drops to your dry hair after a shower or during the day. It can help restore moisture to hair and give your hair a soft shine.


Sandalwood Essential Oil Recipes

For acne or pimples, mix 3-7 drops of sandalwood essential oil (depending on how sensitive your skin is) with one teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of rosewater or spring water. Apply a thin layer of the paste and leave it on for at least thirty minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry gently. You can do this once or twice a day. Pimples should begin to shrink noticeably after only 48 hours.

Calm inflammation, itchiness, or rashes. Mix 3-7 drops of sandalwood essential oil with one teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of lime juice. Apply a thin layer to the affected area and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with cool water and pat dry. While redness or swelling may take some time to subside, itchiness should fade quickly.

Dry skin. Sandalwood oil is an excellent moisturizer, and can aid dry skin. Apply a drop or two directly to areas you want to address and massage it in. If you want to cover larger areas, I recommend combining it with a carrier oil like jojoba oil. This sandalwood oil will function as an excellent body and massage oil that will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Bug bite treatment. Mix 5-7 drops of sandalwood essential oil with one teaspoon of turmeric, one teaspoon of lavender oil, and just enough water to make it a paste. Apply this to the bug bite as soon as possible to stop itching and reduce swelling.

Uneven tans. Mix five teaspoons of coconut oil with two teaspoons of jojoba oil and 7-10 drops of sandalwood essential oil. Massage this into overexposed areas. Sandalwood helps break down the pigment that has reached the surface of the skin and will leave you with an a more even skin tone.


Where can I find Sandalwood Essential Oil?

If you’d like to try any of the recipes above, you can purchase Wildcrafted Sandalwood Oil directly here.

Here are some other amazing products that include Sandalwood Essential Oil:

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Sandalwood  is a beautiful oil with vast benefits and uses. It’s easy to incorporate into any skin and body care regimen and is an excellent oil to have around the house.

Have you used Sandalwood essential oil? If so, what do you use it for and how has it served you? And, if you’ve tried any of the products or recipes above, let me know what your experience has been!

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  1. I am from Goa in India and live and work in Kuwait. Your blog is very informative. Sandalwood is used extensively in southern India and though we Goans were not exposed to it due to our Portuguese culture and Catholicism we are now coming to get to know its several benefits and I thank you immensely for the information in your blog.

    We had a block of sandalwood and a stone to grind the block on. So I randomly hacked on the web and I opened your site and Lo and behold I got all the info I needed. I am trying to apply to sunburns I have acquired on my face over the years. Hope it will help.

    Thanks once again.

    • Alicia Freed says:

      Hey Chris! We are super excited you found us! There’s a lot of great info on the blog and we are also here to help with any questions or specific concerns you have :) Welcome to the Living Earth Beauty community!

  2. Sorry!that should have read ” checked” not hacked !

  3. Mayoc says:

    Thanks for this blog. Everyone knows that sandalwood is good for the body and skin, But here you describe how to do proper use of this. So good and very impressive article

  4. Emily Figueroa L.ac. says:

    Thank you for all the good information

  5. Ankita says:


    very nice and informative blog :)

    I have a query- can we apply sandalwood essential oil right after bath on whole body everyday? is it safe? also, can we massage face using it, daily?

    Thanks and regards

    • Alicia Freed says:

      Hi Ankita!
      Thanks for your question! Sandalwood oil can absolutely be applied daily and after a bath, and for small spots can be used undiluted, but for large areas like over your whole face, or body it is recommended to use a carrier oil (like jojoba or coconut, etc.) or drop it in another moisturizer, like lotion or cream.

  6. Lady W says:

    What kind of coconut oil should I be using; the essential,one or the one that is used with cooking?
    I have uneven skin tones on the cheeks. Would sandalwood powder be more effective then turmeric?

    • Alicia Freed says:

      Hi Lady W! Great question! Use the coconut oil you would use for cooking. Make sure it is organic, raw & unrefined though. Its recommended to use the turmeric powder with the sandalwood oil, because when they combine are very powerful and effective. They each have great properties that will be beneficial for your skin. But of course you can use sandalwood powder if you like! Sometimes it can just take some experimentation and you can use what your skin responds to best!

  7. Ankita says:

    Hi Alicia

    Thanks a lot!!


  8. Chrissie says:

    Hi, why has the smell changed over 30 years, can the sandlewood tree grow in the uk? Which is the best oil to buy Egyptian or Indian?
    Very nice website!

    • Alicia Freed says:

      Hi Chrissie,
      The most common places Sandalwood is grown are Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, and other Pacific Islands. I couldn’t really say which is better to buy from, but you always want to make sure its from an organic & sustainable source!
      The smell of it will change based on what region its from. The environment is grown in will have an effect on the outcome of its aroma!

  9. Katie says:

    Hi Alicia,

    Would you please help me. I have some dark spots on my face for years. I have tried all kind of cream and even went for laser. They are still there on my face and wont disappear. Those dark spots present on my face after I bored my daughter now she is 7 years old.

    • Alicia Freed says:

      Hi Katie,

      While the sandalwood oil is great for fading scar tissue and acne marks, I would suggest a few other things for hyper-pigmentation. My favorite products for hyper-pigmentation issues are Dew Dab, Soothsayer Serum, & Smooth A+ Perfecting Serum. I would also suggest using an exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells, promote new growth and allow the serums to more deeply penetrate the skin to improve the result. We’ll be getting more things in to help in that area soon too!


    • David Voila says:

      In addition to Alicia’s great reply, I’ve corrected hyper pigmentation and scars on my skin by alternating carrier oils that contain high amounts of anti-oxidants, mono-unsaturated fatty acids, omega fatty acids, vitamins A-E and palmitoleic acids As the primary base of the carrier blend, I use 2-3 at a time for a remarkable recipe to correct skin concerns. For my skin, the carrier oils Argan, Apricot kernel, evening primrose, rose hip, macadamia nut, grapeseed, fractionated coconut and/or jojoba. I make small batches in 2oz dropper bottle of three carrier oils, alternating the carrier blend with each batch. That method alone creates cellular rejuvenation with rapid turnover within the dermal layers. Using sandalwood in these blends provides a slow and steady scar tissue fade though by adding the following recipe, the tissue is reset to my default natural skin’s appearance and feel. Frankincense (Boswellia Frereana or Boswellia Serrata), Helichrysum (Helichrysum Splendidum or Helichrysum Italicum), Lavender (dentata or augustifolia), Myrrh, Rose (Otto or absolute), Carrot (Daucus Carota) and Sandalwood is the best recipe for hyperpigmentation, scar tissue, blemished, wrinkled etcetera skin issues. I feel like if it works on my skin then it will work on anyone’s skin!!! The evening primrose and thicker feeling carriers penetrate deeper than astringent quality though both are needed for cellular repair, that’s what I’ve seen on my body from old super-dark surgical scars and old acne dark spots on my face. Patience and regular/consistent use does indeed repair and reset the tissues!

  10. ShayM says:

    thank you so much for the information! My boyfriend just bought me a bottle back from Sri Lanka and have been using little dabs of it on the patches of dry skin around my mouth and a burn scar on my body. It’s working great!


  11. Good work. Thank you for sharing great information. 

  12. The essential oil of sandalwood soothes the skin and helps scars and spots to heal much faster. It is a very old practice to use paste of sandalwood as a skin pack. The same effect can be obtained from using this essential oil. This oil is now extensively used in skin care soaps, lotions and creams.

  13. David Voila says:

    I’ve been using therapeutic grade Santalum Album (East Indian Sandalwood) from the Mysore region of India that is the best sandalwood and sold at auction in India. At the time of typing this, I’ve been applying sandalwood topically In the recent 12 months without diluting or blending into carriers. I am in the USA with Latin and Irish ancestry, though my skin is naturally tan, my skin is sensitive, easily irritated, prone to dermatitis and seems like almost anything will make my facial skin “surface” with blemishes. I tried most every brand that is labeled as “therapeutic grade” and/or “pure” in quality. Most of the sandalwood being sold in this USA market is lab-created and imprinted on blends of carriers to have α-santalol (primary scent) and most do not contain b-santalol as it is the product of natural “rotting” of the whole trees. Because of the flood of synthetic Santalum Album to the USA market, majority of people experiencing sandalwood for the first time use have adverse allergic reactions from a product that should not produce adverse reactions taken orally and/or applied “neat” topically. Having used both man-made (sold as pure/natural) and true sandalwood harvested in and sold from India, the differences are huge, remarkable and true sandalwood cures my skin to a “flawless” look & feel though deeper in my skin is glowing better than any product sold from dermatologists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons, doctors etcetera. Within a few days, my face/neck/body skin is transformed into deeply vibrant true-beauty while correcting hormonal changes or excess sebum production that balances within 3 weeks of daily use. After using true Santalum album (therapeutic grade) for 3 months my skin seems as if it has tiny diamonds inside the shrunken pours that reflect light with all of the colors I can imagine. After using Santalum Album for 12 months my skin is even, glowing, conditioned, protected from the elements with saturation. Seasonal eczema, allergies, blemishes risen from lifestyle fun is all corrected by applying Santalum Album. To say the least, this essential oil changed my life for the better (mid-30s) not only from skincare though also by regulating a truly consistent joyful feeling and mood. It’s the most amazing essential oil for my whole body and life.

  14. Eroni says:

    Oh My Goodness! No wonder business people are coming into my country and harvesting this 70 year olds sandalwood trees! I heard that they were making HUGE profits and giving us peanuts! Would you happen to know an honest company that I can liaise with? Last I heard is that Channel was buying off middle-men that buy from us. I need help in this forum not only to save these trees but to help my people. Thanks for the forum!

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